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The Pighounds Are Far From ‘Worn Out’

The Pighounds are brand new on the grunge scene. They’ve come out of the gate strong with the music video for their song “Worn Out.”


Hailing from Dortmund, Germany, Peter Bering and Alessandro De Luca are two longtime friends who decided to join creative forces and channel them into a duo project. The result is The Pighounds, a band with a deep grunge sound that sums up the pair’s musical passion and creative essence.


Their very first single is “Worn Out,” a deep and grungy song that gives you the perfect glance into what the future will hold for The Pighounds.


‘Worn Out’ is a Musical Reflection for The Pighounds


The Pighounds got their name from a literal translation of a German saying. “Schweinehund” is a term for someone who is fighting an enemy within themselves. You must overcome that internal demon to fight for the best version of yourself.


It only makes sense that The Pighounds’ first single would be a musical reflection og this idea.


“Worn Out” is all about the two competing sides of a person: Who wins? Who loses? Does the fight ever end?

In this song, the pair explore their possible answers to these questions.


It opens with a rhythmic guitar riff, quickly exploding in sound and layers. Bering’s vocals are raw, singing these honest lyrics.


“You are the reason I’m falling,” he sings in the chorus. Meanwhile, the drums and guitar are swelling, adding a layer of intensity and desperation to this fight. The verses fall away in sound, creating a much needed moment of vulnerability to grow out of. This adds interesting contrast and makes each iteration of the chorus hit harder.


The video showcases The Pighounds performing the song, and you can see them bursting with energy as they play. It ends suddenly, and they’re gone in an instant — but the meaning of “Worn Out” lasts.


From its deep lyrics to its heavy grunge sound, “Worn Out” is an incredibly strong first offering for The Pighounds. Stay tuned on Facebook for more from this talented duo.

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