Pinto And The Bean – Perfect Combination Of Personalities Forms The Perfect Musical Duo

From personal experience I can tell you how hard it is to push yourself when you are only held accountable to yourself.  Sometimes you need the right partner to work with to motivate and inspire you.  A good example is our recent find Pinto and the Bean.

Pinto and The Bean

The indie/pop rock duo hails from Chicago, Illinois.  The group is made up of Paul Taneja and Ivan Sosa.  They challenge each other to constantly create original styles and sounds and blend them together for the unique Pinto and the Bean sound.  Listening to their music it is obvious that they truly enjoy the craft of songwriting.  The passion resonates into the music and gives the duo a big epic sound that seems like much more than just 2 guys.

Earlier this month Pinto and The Bean released their Transit-Eons EP.  The 6 track record shows many different aspects of the band.  The opener “Eagle Kid” begins with a minimalistic feel reminiscent of The White Stripes but builds to a full on rocker by the chorus.  On “Gunshot” they show off some exotic rhythms and a drumbeat that keeps the listener’s attention.  The vocal harmonies are top notch as are the production skills here.  There are some computer beats added on “Teenage Love” but the song still comes off with that raw DIY feel that Pint and The Bean are known for.  This is the standout track in my mind.  Go take a listen to the record for yourself at:

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