Radio Fly Is Here To Say “I’m The Best”

Jonathon Brannon is no stranger to the hip hop world. He’s got a keen ear for talent and a deep sense for collaboration that allows him to create enticing music with other people. Through that collaboration, Brannon has formed the hip hop group, Radio Fly. With Radio Fly, he and a rotating cast of rappers and producers are creating a hard-hitting yet thoughtful brand of hip-hop for the modern era.

The first from Radio Fly is “I’m The Best.” Collaborating with R. Reed to add extra finesse to the track, you can tell Brannon shines most when working with other amazing talents. Aiming to make folks feel invincible, “I’m The Best” packs a punch that keeps you wanting more.

Listen to “I’m The Best” below

The song’s introduction is filled with a bright and inviting beat, immediately hooking you into what’s to come. The lyrics are exactly what you’d expect from a track called “I’m The Best.” It leaves you feeling like you can take on anything because you know you’re amazing and capable. And who doesn’t want to feel that way?

There’s a great consistent flow to the bars that allow for a clean and precise execution of every word. The rapped verses pair well with the clean, R&B style vocals, and magic really happens with the vocals throughout the last thirty seconds of the song. Those vocals come in are smooth as butter and just melt you as you listen.

“I’m The Best” shows a lot of promise for Radio Fly and what they have to come. Indie Band Guru will certainly be keeping their eyes peeled.

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