Richie Luna – Creating Music For A Positive Purpose

One way to truly engage your fans is to create an epic story with your music.  Do not aim to just write 23 minute bursts of music that do not relate to anything else.  Keep them wanting more by piecing each song together like a chapter in a book and they will be begging for the next one.  Our recent discovery Richie Luna seems to be beginning his journey now.

Richie Luna

The electronic dance music artist claims to be coming from the moon to defeat the darkness that is expanding on planet Earth.  His sound is an energetic mix of positive vibes and ass shaking beats.  Richie Luna understands that life here is not always happiness and rainbows but the obstacles out there can be overcome.  It is a personal choice to be a positive person.  Hopefully he can help you choose the right path.

The first track that Richie Luna has released to aid in his mission is “Celebrate! (The Call To Light)”.  The catchy and powerful track sets forth an aura of positivity almost immediately.  The fun electro beat gets the blood pumping and bodies moving wherever it is played.  The chorus will be sung over and over by the crowds and emit the energy that Richie is shooting for.  Go take a listen and learn more at:

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