Rodnayraps – Saving The Hip-Hop Game

In the current state of the music industry, there are way more followers that there are innovators.  This is a sad fact.  With the great amount of exposure a new artist can get nowadays without even having a record label, why do many insist on copying each other?  Be fresh.  Be different.  Create something completely new.  Our new friend Rodnayraps is doing just that and is ready to change the game.

The talented artist was born as Rodnay Brewer and found a passion for writing and creating at a young age.  He says “mainly to finesse the pretty ones”.  In 2014, the Rodnayraps moniker was taken as he saw his beloved hip-hop start to degrade into the monotonous  and repetitive mainstream sound that it has become today.  His goal is to change that.

Rodnayraps Blazes His Own Trail 

Instead of chasing what’s hot, or making the most money, Rodnayraps is charting a course to make new waves, instead of riding the old ones.  With his music, he shows that having a message to share in music is not dead.  Rodnayraps uses superb lyricism, mellow sounds, 80’s samples, etc to build his own original place in the game.



There is a new Rodnayraps mixtape called Flowers In The Attic is on the way soon.  The lead single “If Freedom Could Talk” has hit the airwaves to let people know what is coming.  The track opens with a spoken word sample to get the listener thinking.  As the flow comes in your mind is ready to accept what Rodnay has for you over the relaxing beat.  The vibe is built with sparse sounds coming in seemingly randomly to keep the tone very chill.  This is thinking man’s music.

Get into his world on Twitter @rodnayraps

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