Rose Blood Let’s Out His ‘Feelings’

When emotion leads your songwriting great things can happen. If you are willing to forego any limitations of style and genre even more amazing sounds can come to creation. Our recent discovery Rose Blood is a great example of this emotion led creativity. Debut single “Feelings” is out now.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Eddie Figueroa is the artist behind the Rose Blood project. The sound is rooted in the Rock and Punk genre but unafraid to experiment. The true lover of music constantly pushes the boundaries to craft music that is truly unique but with a relatable flavor for any music fan. Eddie says “The exploration of emotions through sound and the uncontrollable will to create is what drives my passion for making music.”


For his first release to the world, Rose Blood provides us with “Feelings.” A true explosion of emotion that takes us through an interesting journey. A steady and simple beat sets the track in motion with a heavily distorted guitar leading the way. The vocals drone on with feeling laid back in the mix.

“Feelings” has a pause around the 3 minute mark before evolving into a more intense vibe to draw us even deeper. Similarities to Arcade Fire come to mind. Hypnotic sounds blend together to add layer upon layer of sonic beauty. The energy turns up to create an excitement that can not be denied but also intimate enough to seep deeply into your soul.

We are excited to see what comes next from Rose Blood. 

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