Ross Davis – Adult Contemporary Music From Indianapolis

Making music is always about doing what makes you happy no matter what.  When artists try to write music just to please the masses it never sounds genuine and real listeners will never make the connection to the artist and become a fan.  Sticking to your guns creates music that is personal and will make the long term fans that want to become a part of your career.  A good example of an artist that writes from the heart and is starting to make it count with real fans is Ross Davis.

The Indianapolis based songwriter is not afraid to stick to an adult-oriented vintage sound that sets him apart from the followers that just jump on every new passing trend to try and get a foothold in the music business.  Ross Davis’ influences range from Phil Collins and Rod Stewart to Mary Chapin Carpenter and Nanci Griffith.  This is a style of music that is underserved by the current independent community.

Now Ross Davis released his second full-length album, Yellow Brick Road, last month through independent record label Bean Blossom Productions.  Contributors to the project include Grammy Award-winning session guitarist Brent Mason; Juno Award-nominated Canadian songwriter Annabelle Chvostek.  The record starts off in a direction that through me off a little with ‘50’s Rock N’ Roll’.  It is not just a clever title, this track is a swinging guitar number that would fit in well 60 years ago.  The record goes in a better direction with the folk rock balladry of ‘Bean Blossom’.  The piano driven song is kept simple to allow the listener to focus on the lyrics.  It is a sweet song with a swaying chorus.  ‘Bumpy Road’ has a country feel to it.  Davis shows off his musical skills on this one without the aid of a lyrical story.  The folk rock track ‘Wonderland’ features a fiddle that pulls it along while keeping it mellow and ready for the adult contemporary genre.

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