Ryan Van Dordrecht Set To be ‘Undone’

Sometimes it all just comes together when we least expect it. If we are open to this, great things can come. Singer-songwriter Ryan Van Dordrecht stumbled upon his own full-length sophomore solo record from a series of free-wheeling studio sessions. The resulting Undone is set for release on January 5th, 2024 (but Indie Band Guru got a preview listen to share with all of you!)

The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist has been making waves in music for a while now. Ryan Van Dordrecht previously played with pop-Americana band Sidestar, as well as emo alt-rock band Castella, a band that amassed a staggering 10 million Spotify streams. He has shared stages with big names such as Cake, Death Cab for Cutie, Gin Blossoms, and Jude. 

Now focusing on his own solo career Ryan Van Dordrecht is leaning back to his roots. The muse comes from his formative influences. Luminaries such as Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, and Bonnie Raitt can be heard in this late 70’s AOR sound. “In the past, I got away from the sounds I grew up on, and I sometimes tried to do what I thought people wanted to hear,” Ryan shares. Now he is making music for himself that seems to be connecting with quite a fanbase. 

On January 5th, Ryan Van Dordrecht will release Undone to the masses. The 10 track record blends that classic AOR sound with modern indie-pop to craft something that is truly his own. The album opens with “All In Your Mind” and its big organ heavy sound mixed with horns. The vocals come in well not overtaking the vibe but instead sitting underneath just guiding the listener along. Those 70’s feelings will return quickly to all those that love that sound. 

On “Human Nature” the easy going tone continues but a little more energy is added. Beautiful and elegant electric piano sets the stage but Ryan Van Dordrecht lets his vocals take center stage here. Reality is poured out in bunches for all to enjoy and relate to. Classic solos return that 70’s feel that have long been missing in modern music.  “Be Your Lover” opens with some horns before the emotional vocals get turned up even more. This is romantic songwriting without being cheesy. There is a little Spanish flair here that adds some texture to an already well-written track.

The album closes with the title track “Undone” to let us off the ride. An exotic drumbeat shows off the variety of what Ryan and friends can do. The bouncy yet laid back groove will put a little smile on your face as you ease back into your comfy chair. A perfect way to close out an enjoyable listen. 

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