S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm – Creating Originality Out Of Years Of Genre Experimenting

A successful artist must explore and experiment with multiple genres in the search of their own individual style.  Often this takes years of performing with many different artists, taking a little piece from each and crafting something original from the sum of these parts.  This seems to be the story with the rising career of S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm.

S E Elliott

The singer-songwriter from Waterloo has experienced much in his musical development from pop experiments to angst ridden rock.  This journey has had S.e Elliott sharing the stage with such diverse bands as July Talk, Ill Scarlet, Die Mannequin, Boys Night Out, and Hello Beautiful.  He took the plunge on his own with the formation of That Awful Rhythm back in 2012 as an exercise to “write for other voices”.  The debut 6 song record As Long As You Abide And Obey That Awful Rhythm established that the original path had been set and the journey had just begun.

Last year Elliott returned to the studio with his band of accomplices to record the sophomore effort S.e Elliott Spews That Awful Rhythm.  The full record is set to drop this Spring but we were able to get a listen to a few advanced tracks to see how it is coming along.  The first song “The Reverend Nor The Warden” shows the dark place that has become the norm for S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm.  There are some influences of The Black Keys and Jack White heard here.  The storytelling stands out with its powerful in your face style.  The more ethereal “Marionette” picks along meshing random sounds again to create something strong and attention grabbing.  The last available song “From Out West With Love” is a more mellow track that aims for the beauty of a minimalistic ballad style that builds throughout to really capture the emotions of the songwriter.  We are very excited to hear the rest as it comes out.  Keep tabs on this enigmatic talent at:

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