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Sevdaliza’s New EP ‘The Calling’ is Enchanting

The Calling is Sevdaliza’s new EP. It is perhaps the most complex minimalist music out there and defies all conventions of music and the music making process.


Sevdaliza is the epitome of DIY. She has taken charge of every single component, not only the music itself, but all of the production. The album is more so an art piece than a typical music journey. She is highly influenced by astrology, lining up single releases with particular moon cycles and has even added a digital component to be included with her music.


The song “Soul Syncable” has a cool blend of orchestration and hip-hop tracking. Sevdaliza also has a mesmerizing voice; she slowly serenades you with a sort of whisper-singing. The use of digital effects is quite nice too. It adds to the overall hypnotic effect of her sound.


Sevdaliza’s ‘The Calling’ Is A Multifaceted Experience

The Calling is an immersive experience that acts as a view of the internal. Sevdaliza says that she is interested in the connection between the body and the soul, her music being a tether or extension of her soul.


This personal aspect of her message is heard throughout the entire album but, one of the most intense of these moments occurs in “Energ1.” The instrumentation is mainly strings and some digital effects. These strictly act as support for her as she confronts her surroundings lyrically. Its really beautiful and a wonderful moment that Sevdaliza is allowing you to witness.


The last song on the album is another great one, its called “Observer.” The vocals here are most influenced by her Iranian heritage. They are complex and obviously require significant skill as she effortlessly travels note to note. The song is also has the fastest tempo, an interesting choice for the last track.


Sevdaliza’s The Calling is super cool. Listeners should fully invest in the entire experience, meaning taking a look at the digital component “Majora”. The album has been released — take a listen because this is a wonderful example of art and music colliding.

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