She’s Excited! Lets Us See The World Through her Eyes on “Moments of Sonder”

Collaboration, experimentation, and being fully influenced by the great artists of the past will always be a recipe for great music. Soaking in your diverse surroundings and turning it into unique songs is not always easy, but when it is done right amazing things happen. Our recent discovery She’s Excited! seems to be on the right mark with new album Moments of Sonder.

The project is the brainchild of the creative force that is Anne Wichmann. The award-winning Indie Pop producer, powerhouse performer and sound artist splits her time between New York City and Munich, Germany. This varied societal influence allows She’s Excited! to conjure up an electronic sound that will raise your spirits yet take you to dark places at the same time.  New album Moments of Sonder delves into the depths of human experience.

Dark Glitches and Dazzling Depths

The album defies easy categorization. Wichmann herself describes it as “dark yet sparkling Electronic,” a fitting description.  The music isn’t relentlessly gloomy, but there’s a thoughtful, introspective quality that goes beyond sunshine and rainbows.  Think more along the lines of a twilight sky, full of wonder and possibility, but also tinged with mystery.

Opening up with “Celebrity Parade” we know we are in for something different. The smooth electronica beat is punctuated with a dark and steamy vocal that seems to reach deep into your soul. She’s Excited! Has control now. Prepare yourself for the ride.

A Journey of Discovery

“Moments of Sonder” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an immersive experience.  The expertly crafted soundscapes draw you in, inviting you to explore the emotional terrain that Wichmann has created.  The intricate beats and sonic tapestries keep things interesting, rewarding repeat listens with new details to discover.

The soothing soundscape that opens “Alone Together” lets us into her real world with trains passing by, children playing in the background, and a German spoken word that I don’t understand completely but the picture has been painted in my mind. The electronic piano sound of “FOREAL” lays the melody backdrop as the lyrics of She’s Excited! Soar speaking of the harsh realities of the world and immigrating to a new home. Exotic sounds come in to keep the track fresh.

Bowie-esque Innovation

She’s Excited!’s has a clear connection to the spirit of David Bowie. There’s a sense of fearless experimentation and genre-bending that recalls the late musical icon.  This isn’t to say Moments of Sonder is derivative; rather, it builds upon that innovative spirit to forge its own unique path.

For listeners who appreciate adventurous electronic music and a captivating journey into the human experience (with a touch of darkness), this album is a must-listen.

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