Signal Omega Lets Emotions Fly on ‘Perfectly Imperfect’

For an artist willing to put their heart into their music it is much more than just a collection of sounds. If you allow it, the soul will creep into the songs. Our recent discovery Signal Omega is a perfect example of this. His newest album Perfectly Imperfect: The Acoustic Sessions takes it even further with its intimate sound.

The up and coming artist from New Port Richey, Florida takes his music personally, and puts it out there for the listener to take personally as well. Signal Omega uses songs to express his deepest stories through creativity and emotional individuality. He does not let his sound get boxed into any labels. You will hear a mesh of many different genres from Rap to Metal to Alternative Rock. Songs that can appeal to fans of any genre.

For the recently released Perfectly Imperfect: The Acoustic Sessions the Signal Omega style is on full display. Right from the opener “Monster” a raw and dark piano starts us off. A matching atmospheric sound creeps in the background to set the tone. The vocals are delivered with pure emotion welcoming the listener along for the ride. 

Hear the ‘Voices’ of Signal Omega

“Don’t Fade Away” brings a little more light with an elegant acoustic guitar melody. The emotion still shines through here. This is true heart on the sleeve stuff. On “Voices” this gets taken even further with some acoustic guitar strumming behind lyrics that lay it all out there. There are no secrets help back by Signal Omega.

For some real rawness we turn to “You Don’t Know Me” with its opening nature sounds painting the picture. Signal Omega shows off his Rap skills on solid verses. The chorus presents a catchy vibe that I found myself repeating along with through the first listen. The layered sounds give the listener something else to feel on each listen. 

By the time we reach the closer “Let You Go” we have been taken on an emotional rollercoaster journey. Here the pace is picked up to get our heart beating just a little bit faster. The real emotions of the artist are on full display. This is how an album is supposed to make you feel.

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I have known josh for a long time and his music has so much meaning and love behind what he does as a artist and he has a kind soul .

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