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Sleepy Zuhoski Shares His ‘Daydream’ in New Music Video

Garrett “Sleepy” Zuhoski has finally hit the studio to create an album after cultivating the perfect blend of songs for years. He’s been creating music for his entire life, bouncing off his various influences and inspirations to form his own material. With the announcement of his upcoming debut record, now is the time for Sleepy Zuhoski to get his music out there.


Better Haze is an amalgamation of many different styles and influences, and it’s out June 1. But you don’t have to wait until summer to hear Sleepy Zuhoski’s sound — he recently released his leading single, a feel-good song with a shoegaze-y sound.


Sleepy Zuhoski is Bringing Sweet Summer Vibes


Sleepy Zuhoski’s new single is “Daydream,” a song all about that dreamy feeling of hanging out on the beach.


“To me, it’s a song about getting wasted with someone you love,” Zuhoski said of the song. With imagery of sunshine and tan lines in the lyrics, the setting is perfectly clear.


“We should take a trip / And melt away our brains today,” the song goes.


In fitting with the daydream theme, the song itself has an ethereal sound that transports you to that dream-like state.


Alongside the song, Sleepy Zuhoski also released a music video that’s ironically fitting in its presentation of contrast. The video is a collage of industrial and urbanimages, often gray and cold looking. A super-imposed image of Zuhoski singing travels across the screen and sometimes features clips of ocean waves, palm trees, and the sun.


It’s the perfect representation of a sunny daydream against the backdrop of dreary everyday life.


“The video represents being stuck in your head, going through the motions and not realizing how beautiful the world around you is, even when it’s ugly and dirty,” Zuhoski explained.

“Daydream” is the perfect song to get those summer vibes rolling. It’ll make you eager not only for sunshine and sand between your toes, but for more from Sleepy Zuhoski as well. This is only one musical side of many for Sleepy Zuhoski, and in his upcoming debutyou’ll get to see much more.


Better Haze is set to drop June 1.


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