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Slightly Stoopid – One More Night

In the music video for Slightly Stoopid‘s latest single, ‘One More Night,’ a grown and humble guitarist sits on the peak of a canyon, gazing at the morning ocean waves. Or, he’ll be sitting at a quiet diner with nothing but his notebook and a can of Modelo. At the beginning of the video, he’s seen kissing his daughters goodbye and stepping into his travel van for another run through a tour.

This is the imagery seen in the infamous American band’s latest music video. Miles Doughty is the center focus of the single, and just by seeing the slightly somber expression on his face, you can tell that the emotional baggage is heavy for the group. Slightly Stoopid had been touring and playing their music for the world for over two decades. Their multi-traversing style of music managed to grab the ear of artists like Rapper Snoop Dogg, Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir, and Punk band Sublime.

‘One More Night’ is the closing track on their new voracious and multi-ranged album, ‘Everyday Life, Everyday People.’ It’s a poignant closing track for a group looking back on their heyday, reminiscing all the trials and tribulations stumbled upon in their time on the road. In this single, Doughy exposes the hidden grief he’s felt in his time away from home in his lyrics. “I watched the tears run down your face. Yes, I needed you to see. It’s hard to be in another place when I need you here with me.”

The grief is present in Doughty’s controlled yet yearning vocals. They prolong with soft and assuring guitar strings. The sentimentality is compounded with the video’s portrayal of their past events. From playing at a garage party in 2000 to playing at the House of Blues in San Diego in 2005, the video genuflects at their evolution as a band.

Through the visionary glamour and craze these VHS recordings showcase, Doughty still has something hidden behind the garment. The thoughts of family and friends awaiting his return from the constant touring bring about the feeling of isolation and worry. Slightly Stoopid ignites a herd of crazed and adored fans, as they are seen performing with sweat and glee. Underneath the star-studded performances, in Doughty’s perspective, is the hidden mask of isolation. He’s with his bandmates and performing at all these venues, but he must let his loved ones know that he has them in the back of his mind.

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