SpaSeboy – Rough Circumstances Lead To Musical Enlightenment

The journey of a musician is often a long strange trip with many twists and turns.  Sometimes these situations can derail an artist but other times it acts as a motivation and inspiration to make them work harder to achieve their dream.  The road has been rough for SpaSeboy but he keeps pushing ahead.


The story of Jesse Allen aka SpaSeboy began before his teen years hit when he started writing songs and teaching himself guitar.  He grew up in Minnesota where the winter dominated weather and monotonous life cycle did not appeal to him.  Jesse was the frontman for Minneapolis band Feelicks as an escape but after 6 years and record contract with Oarfin Records the band dissolved.  The next step for SpaSeboy was a move to Los Angeles, California to truly pursue his musical ideas.  Things did not go exactly as planned and a dark path was forged that led to many problems and a near death experience.  This may have been the spark needed though as SpaSeboy now is determined as ever to share his artistic craft.

The results of this newfound dedication can heard in his latest songwriting.  There is a raw and honest feel to songs like “Crayonbox Superstar” and “End Of Summer”, which was recorded on a boombox cassette deck in a kitchen.  There is a beauty to “Honey Lips” that seems to be an emotional release for SpaSeboy in all its glory.  The experimentation has picked up on “Running Around The Clock” with sound and energy coming in from many angles.  The emotional storytelling comes up on the latest track “Letter To Jedda”.  There is a very raw feeling expressed through the mostly acoustic track.  Keep up with more from SpaSeboy at:

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