Steve Kouba – Storytelling Songwriter With A Knack For Entertainment

Some of the best music out there does not fit into any one genre.  Trying to label a musical style is not always the most important thing.  Don’t get me wrong, as a reviewer it is nice to have an idea of what you are going to hear when you press play but sometimes these indescribable discoveries are some of the best such as our latest find Steve Kouba.

Steve Kouba

The Chicago native seems to just enjoy writing music and lyrics that are meant to entertain no matter what style you are looking to hear.  He is a storyteller with his music although the stories are filled with irony and self-depreciation.  The songs do hit a chord and Steve Kouba has played gigs everywhere from local piano bars where he is well-known to vacation spots such as Bermuda and Aruba where he fits perfect with the laid back “just have a good time” vacation lifestyle.

Today Steve Kouba released his Promo EP, Prodigal Son.  The 6 song record hits on a variety of styles but remains attention grabbing throughout with his unique storytelling style.  On the opener “A Simple Song” he lays it all out on the table with a peppy and melodic tale that will get your head bopping.  The blues vibe comes out on “Fake It Til You Make It”.  The lyrics make any listener want to root for this man that knows his place but will continue to push forward as far as he can go.  Steve slows it down some with “Love Paradoxical”.  The mellow beat allows you to truly hear and relate to his story of love and yearning.  He plays some beautiful piano on  the closer “Fiat Lux” as well.  This is a man who seems to have a great time writing his songs and it is contagious to anyone that takes the time to listen.  Go listen for yourself at:


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