Steve Noonan Brings Us To ‘Dreamland’

Becoming a talented musician with a great ear takes a lot of time. Spending time hearing other artists and absorbing their influence is a big art of this. This is why it is important for anyone with a dream of making music to become part of the scene and work with as many artists as you can. Steve Noonan is an artist who has done that with some amazing artists and it has been paying dividends in his own music for over a decade now.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota based 12-string guitar player gathered an assortment of influences from his journey. From post-modern British bands to the amazing songwriters of the 70’s. Perhaps one of the most influential times for Steve Noonan was his work as a recording engineer for the legendary Prince. This full assortment of impact comes together for a truly unique sound that is all his own. After releasing 3 full length records from 2009 to 2015, Steve took a break but now he is back with a brand new record. 

January 29th will see the release of Dreamland. The 13 track album was produced by Chris Furst in Minnesota. The lush beauty of 12 string guitar and rich vocals can be heard throughout.

The opening track “Either Way” comes at you right away with the strong yet soothing voice of Steve Noonan. His way with the guitar pairs well as the track rises up to get you intrigued. Some expert solos show off even more. The title track “Dreamland” turns up the emotion with a slowed down effort. The lyrics are delivered with real feeling, in the chorus especially. 

Get Ready for ‘Dreamland’

The soothing guitar sound continues on “When You Know,” Steve Noonan knows exactly when to hold back and when to turn up the energy. This track has both sides in one. “Left Behind” shows more of his influences as it turns back to an earlier time of superb songwriting. It could fit in well back then or today for seekers of moving music.

The Dreamland album delivers the whole way through. The closing track “Calm Me Down” brings it all together with additional instruments and vocals filling the speakers. This is a perfect way to leave the listener excited and wanting more. A repeat listen is in order. 

You can pre-save Dreamland HERE.

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