Steve Power TAKES US BACK WITH ‘The Earl Sessions’

When a musician really puts all his energy into music amazing things can happen. Not only in the songs that come out but the connections and opportunities that arise. One artist that has been all in on his music for quite a while is our friend Steve Power. The latest result of his commitment is his upcoming album The Earl Sessions.

Based in Austin, Texas, the award winning singer-songwriter has been making music for over five decades. Steve Power has built a sound that is uniquely his. Heavy on the Honky Tonk and Country and Americana with elements of rock, soul, and funk to round it out. He has had the opportunity to perform everywhere from brothels to stadiums across the world. This has also given him the opportunity to connect and collaborate with amazing groups of musicians. This has come to full fruition on his newest record. 

The Earl Sessions became a who’s who of musical talent. Steve Power was able to bring in guitarist Casper Rawls, upright bassist Chris Crepps (Dale Watson), fiddle maestro Warren Hood (Bruce Robison), drummer Pete “The Beat” Langhans (Mother Truckers), guitarist  Phil Hurley (The Moonlighters), Hammond B3 player Ron D’Argenio, and legendary keyboard great Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash, The Byrds, Graham Parsons), after whom the album is named.

As the record opens with “You Were Meant For Me” a fun honky tonk sound comes at you right out of the gate. This will be an enjoyable listen. The voice of Steve Power has its own unique baritone that comes off with a true presence. Additional background vocals pop in to smooth it all out. Some fancy guitar work adds another element of talent.

For “Choices” a full complement of instruments fill the space for the George Jones classic. Steve Power adds even more feel to the lyrics with a tone that leans towards the style of Elvis Presley. I almost feel bad saying it, but this version is a big step up from the original. It all comes together so well. 

The vocals stay in a similar register for “You Don’t Know” but get a little more melodious. A steady and interesting beat keeps the flow going as the story unfolds. Some more guitar solo work adds that high end element to the country crooner track. The speed and energy are turned up on “Golden Ring.” The vibe of the Tammy Wynette and George Jones version is there but again Steve Power takes it to a more powerful level. Big vocals and guitar energy ensue. 

To bring the record to a close Steve Power takes it down with “Bathing In The White Light.” The emotions drip from the speakers as he sings the lyrics with real passion. To make it even larger the Austin-based St. James Baptist Church Choir directed by Ms. Claudia Williams was brought in to turn up the Gospel feel. Slow and deliberate this track is a perfect one to end the album with. A perfect listening journey comes to a close.

Turn back time to the beautiful Texas sounds with Steve Power and find more on his WEBSITE.

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