Steven Blane Shares ‘Songs For New York Lovers’

When you are a creative person that has had success in one place for a long while, you feel a real connection to it. The music comes to you here. You owe the place something back. When that place is New York City and you are Steven Blane, the result is the album Songs for New York Lovers.

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The Pop-Jazz singer-songwriter has called New York City his home for decades now. This inspiring place has resulted in nine albums so far for Steven Blane. His well developed style has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Billy Joel. Delivered with his smooth as silk voice, Steven Blane continues to thrill old audiences and make new fans along the way.

This March Steven Blane will release his tenth album Songs for New York Lovers. 13 more original songs to showcase a lifetime of talent. Whether it is his skillful playing, golden voice or the soul of his songwriting, we get it all on the new record.

Opening up with “Autumn Song” we are eased in with a laid back track that lets the voice of Steven Blane shine through. Definitely takes us back to an earlier time of crooners. This beauty continues on “This Love Affair” with the added romantic tone drawing in the listener. Enjoying the story he tells is icing on the cake.

The piano jazz vibe jumps out on “Thanksgiving”. Something to get toes tapping and a happy feeling in your bones. It’s as if you can feel the gratefulness in the artist as he sings. The party starts with “Champagne” as the beat picks up and the horns add the flair. Again the storytelling of Steven Blane keeps the listener in tune and not just getting whipped away by the music.

Dive into ‘Shma’ by Steven Blane here:

I was kind of thrown for a loop by “Shma.” It is in the jazz vein but adds an almost psychedelic/experimental element to it. The Hebrew lyrics add to this since I don;t speak the language but there is just an awful lot going on here that takes your ears in multiple joyous directions all at once. Definitely a fun listen. 

We return to the lounge with “Coffee And A Rose” and its piano/vocal focus. Some horns add some layers to flesh out the scene. Picturing yourself in a smoky NYC lounge with a cocktail is easy as this one plays. On “This Deja Vu” a darker side is shown as the piano stays in the lower register. Smooth and elegant yet darker.

The album closes with “Wintertime” that is perfect to end not only the record but the year. Holiday energy exudes that happy and cozy tone returns. Let the holiday parties ensue (at whatever time of year you choose to listen.) The album is a pretty listen through and through when a session of relaxation is needed.

Keep a lookout for the March 15th release and stay up to date with Steven Blane HERE

You can also find him around social media:

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