Sweet Crystal – A Testament To Longevity In The Progressive Christian Rock World

Over the past few decades there have been massive changes in the music industry.  Many bands have come and gone trying to keep up with these changes.  Rare Is the band like Sweet Crystal that has stayed together through it all and is still striving forward today.

Sweet Crystal

The Detroit, Michigan based band has been in existence for an amazing 40 years.  From their earliest beginnings in the early 1970’s the three young men named Marq Speck (lead vocals, keyboards), Bill Blatter (guitar, vocals) and Steve Wieser (drums) have been at the forefront of the progressive Christian Rock scene.  Through the 80’s Sweet Crystal opened for such well-known bands as Nazareth, Steppenwolf, Foghat, and Stryper building up an impressive fanbase.  The band pushed on writing songs for films and corporate clients always refining their unique sound.  As they grew and discovered the new technology to produce even higher quality music and share that music with more of the world the exposure continued and Sweet Crystal signed with Tate Music Group in 2010 for their third album, 3.  This helped them pick up even more fans throughout the hard rock and progressive music communities.

Recently Sweet Crystal returned to Nightcrier Music for the release of a new EP titled Quad.  The 6 track record is as impressive as ever for the main group of guys that has remained intact for 40 long years.  The opener “Fanfare” sets the tone for the powerful and epic sound of the album.  The lead track “Foot Of The Cross” cranks out progressive sounds including distorted slide guitar and emotional lyrics that draw any listener in.  There is even more vocal power brought in on “Some People May Ask” in the form of Amy Susan Heard.  The music creates an energy in the air that is undeniable.  There is real meaning to each of Quad’s songs especially the rock anthem “Him Alone” which preaches of God’s power.  The CD concludes with an in-depth interview with the band, giving listeners more insight into SWEET CRYSTAL and what QUAD is all about.

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