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Anonymous Duo Newspoke Releases Ironically Introspective Album ‘Faces’

Newspoke is a new indie-folk duo with a catch — and they’re completely anonymous. Their debut album, Faces, out March 2, somehow feels so personal and raw, even though you have no idea who is behind the voice and the songs. A mysterious persona sings warm songs that inspire a deep connection, and maybe that mystery makes […]

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Lizzy V Embodies the Happiness that Everybody Needs – Video Interview

Indie Band Guru had the opportunity to speak to folk artist Lizzy V, a Netherlands-based singer-songwriter who seeks to spread happiness through her music. Watch and read below to hear how Lizzy V responds to her own music, goes through the songwriting process and gets inspired to write her joyful songs.     You’ve recently […]


Lizzy V Brings Smiles with “Faces”

Dutch singer-songwriter Lizzy V started writing music when she was ten years old; yet even now her new single “Faces” contains the same childlike joy and happiness. These feelings are contagious.  The catchy, acoustic song follows Lizzy V falling in love with a face in a crowd. As she walks around hundreds of people, she can’t stop thinking about […]