Geoff Bradford Gives The Skinny on ‘Seven Fat Years’

As we all live our lives, we are gaining a multitude of experiences and influences. As artists, it is our purpose to take what we absorb and create something for the world. The ability to do this is something we all need to work on but it is our gift. Our recent discovery Geoff Bradford […]

Interview Review

MapleWaves Let Us In With ‘Empaths’

As an artist, you should always be looking to expand on your genre and add your own unique touch that sets your music apart. If you are not growing, you are stagnating, and your music will get boring to listeners. Our recent find The Maplewaves will not let themselves fall into that trap as they […]


IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Falcon Heavy

The music industry is like nothing else. Let’s face it, to be in this business for a while you need to be a little off. Our new friend RJ Okay from Falcon Heavy continues to prove this stereotype right. He is one of us. We caught up with the interesting psych-rock songwriter to get a […]