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New Documentary ‘Runaway Radio’ Premieres this week

In the pre-digital age, radio entertained, informed and dictated what was cool through theater of the mind. Acclaimed musicians such as Lyle Lovett, ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill, Melissa Etheridge and Sammy Hagar along with top radio DJs from across the US reflect on how the medium changed their lives and the lives of devoted listeners. […]


“From Dreams To Screens” LP by Brian Hutson is What Dreams Are Made Of

We all have dreams and aspirations. My guess is that Brian Hutson dreamed of show business at an early age. Singing in choir and performing in theatre was the start. Once the Hudson Valley native arrived in the big apple, it’s been full speed ahead. Endorsement deals, touring, recording is all in a day’s work. […]

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Find New Music on The Cookie & Lewie Show on Hazy Lemon

Here at Indie Band Guru we are always out there trying to find great new music. With the massive amount of music released daily, it is impossible for us to listen to it all. (But trust me, we listen to an awful lot!). Even with all we do, we need to trust other tastemakers and […]