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Take a Break To Move Your Music Career Forward

For musicians that are going all in and trying to make music their full time career, it can get frustrating. The thought that music would be a way out of the day job rat race was a fallacy. Musicians need to work even harder and put in more hours than the average 9 to 5’er. This is your business and everything you have must be put into it if you hope for any success.

This focused attention on a music career can lead to other problems though. Just like any job, burnout can set in quickly when the day to day work starts to become repetitive. This can be disastrous for a musician truly wanting to build a career for themselves. Here we will discuss some ways to break up the monotony and steer away from potential burnout, and continue down the path of a successful career in music.

Become a Gamer

Many artists, especially of the younger generation, have found an escape in gaming. We all grew up with some kind of gaming system around and playing random games became the norm. We can use this as a way to get our heads off of our music career for a little while. Whether it is a deep strategy game that requires a series of high-level tactics or just a mind numbing button masher, they both have their benefits. Having your mind go in a fantasy direction instead of always towards your music provides a relief that can be refreshing.

Become A Gambler

Back in the days of big bands getting on a tour bus to cross the country, gambling and in particular poker, became major ways to pass the time between shows. Stories have been told of fortunes won and loss between bandmates and roadies along dirt roads in the middle of the country. Playing these card games had become a right of passage for tour life. This has become even easier now with nz online casinos available wherever you are with the use of a laptop or even a mobile phone. Plus you no longer have to win the money off of your tourmates. You can now rake in winnings from gamblers on the other side of the world, leaving your money your tour is making among the people on the tour. 

Become a Bum

This heading may be a little off putting but sometimes it is ok to just do nothing. With all the time and mental energy we put into always working on our music or promoting it, exhaustion can set in. Sometimes we are best served by doing absolutely nothing for a little while to refresh our minds and let the creative juices start to flow again. Now understand that this nothing time needs to be limited but taking a day to do nothing can be the kick in the ass to get working again upon waking up the next day. 

Become A Hobbyist

When always working with your bandmates you start to live in eachothers brains and assimilate to doing the same things. This can be quite unhealthy. We each need to have our own unique pieces that make us different and make the band better as a whole. Take some time to enjoy a personal hobby. Whether it be crocheting, or analyzing crypto currency trends, we each find solace in our own hobbies. Take the time to separate yourself from music and do something you enjoy.


There are few professions harder on an individual than living the dream as a working musician. Make sure to give yourself some needed breaks so the joy of making music can flow. No one ever said it would be easy but setting up a plan to work hard and play hard can result in a most fulfilling life. Enjoy the ride and the music.

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