Ted Bergqvist – Swedish Songwriter Continues His Rise

Our quest to keep discovering great new independent music all over the world has kept Indie Band Guru very busy.  There is such a wide variety of interesting styles that span the globe.  Some are familiar from country to country and others seem to be limited to only one area.  The wild trip has led us to the discovery of Ted Bergqvist.

The singer/songwriter hails from the beautiful north of Sweden.  He has spent most of his life writing music and in 2012 started recording his songs to albums.  From his debut EP A Different Shade Of Grey to 2013’s release of his full length From The Inside And Out Ted Bergqvist has been sharing his distinct sound with the world.

Recently Ted has been working with producer Amir Aly at Yla Studio in Malmö on his next title “Crucified”. This song  will be released on March 7, 2015.  The beautiful song features his very melodic voice over a majestic background that builds throughout the full track.  The chorus will echo in the listener’s head well after the over 5 minute song is complete.  The production is top notch and shows that the next step for Ted Bergqvist is even higher than his last.  Keep up with the Swedish rising star at:


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