Fall in Love with Courtship’s ‘Tell Me Tell Me’

A huge lo-fi, high-synth dance party, crossing decades of idyllic genres? Sign me up. So it goes without saying that being on board with “Tell Me Tell Me,” the new single from Courtship, is a no-brainer hit for indie pop fans. The jam isn’t selective though. Those who approve of fun in general can have an excellent time with this song.


Decades of fun, as created by Courtship


Sliding through decades, particularly ’70s and ’80s, this throwback inspired single is carried with a funky electric and acoustic guitar combo. Courtship’s musicianship continues underneath the song as the shoegaze vocals kick in. Building into the chorus after the first verse, the upbeat pop sounds like a fantasy of easy going vibes. Nearly every component is infectious and work so well together to create a hazy melody you just want to bob your head to.

‘Tell Me Tell Me’ as it relates to Wes Anderson

An incredibly light-hearted song deserves an equally uplifting video. Courtship does not disappoint on this point. In an absolutely adorable homage to Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, an adorable young couple fall in love while the indie pop duo dance around in a field.


By the end of the video, everybody is dancing, head-bopping, jumping around, and living their best lives on a beautiful day. Which in retrospect, is proof that almost no one can resist this infectious chorus. As the repeatable “Tell me, tell me, tell me you’ll be my baby,” flies through the tune, the ’80s dance beat gains strength.


This current trend of ’80s-inspired dance pop is bringing the best out of rising bands. For Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, the pair behind Courtship, the genre has always been their niche. Earning their recognition from sparkle, shine, and dance, the stylish twosome already have a keen insight on what it takes to keep people moving.


“Tell Me Tell Me” is a perfect example of what Courtship is known for, and rightfully so.

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