The Heard Eye Groove Into ‘Funkalypse’

Lockdown funkateers The Heard Eye do a fine job of driving body-moving beats underneath big pop/rock hooks on the group’s recent album Funkalypse

Available now on all major platforms, Funkalypse is a solid session from one end to the other. The band’s blending of old-school funk and Beatles/ELO-level melodic songwriting is a truly intoxicating mix of hit-single DNA. The songs are fresh but also familiar, as they take root in the musical elements that have been filling dance floors for decades. 

Band members Paul Schneider (vocals, trumpet, guitar, songwriter), Hannes De Kassian (guitar, arranger), and Atma Anur (drums, production) came together during Covid and recorded this material remotely, which is pretty amazing. The human feel on each track is strong and they vibe with one another so hard that you’d swear this was all put down live. 

The opening cut, “Say It With The Night,” is the sort of track that deserves to be the Song Of The Summer. Its smooth, good-time vibe, slick pocket, and robust hooks are tailor-made for Saturday night car radio greatness. The groove will move your backside but the vocals and melodies will positively yank on your heartstrings. 

“Do Whatchu Be” leans further into the funk. It’s a harder, faster tune with a blues influence and a heart full of Tower of Power.” Still, The Heard Eye takes pop liberties here and there, making the horn-driven jam quite original. 

The mid-tempo protest funk of “Free Everybody” is lowdown and kinetic. The stop-time chorus is magnificent, proud, and ready to be marched to. If you can imagine a Sly Stone song with a Beatles bridge, you’ll get it. 

Funkalypse is a non-stop dance party and a big box of ear candy all at once. Don’t miss other highlights like “Mr. Grifter” and “Tornado.” The Heard Eye is a mighty crew, indeed, and every boogie child out there needs to hear them get down.

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