Teresa Storch Asks You To ‘Open Your Heart’

When you have been making music for a while it becomes more and more evident that you can share real meaning in your songs. The idea of writing pop hits becomes less of a goal. The real passion is to create music that makes people think, feel, and see the world around them. The Teresa Storch Band has reached this state and puts it all out there with their new record Open Your Heart.

The 12-track album dives deep into current social and political areas. These songs reveal a woman attuned to the world and its discontents—reckoning with the #metoo movement, searching for optimism in the Trump era, and recovering from a dysregulating pandemic. There is plenty of meat to bite into here.

Album opener “Things Will Get Better” jumps right out at the listener. Teresa Storch shares her passion for music and her faith that everything will work out in the end. We all have this power to be the change we want to see in this world.

Hear “Things Will Get Better” here:

Title track “Open Your Heart” opens with an interesting groove that hooks you right away. The vocals of Teresa Storch strike through with emotion and meaning. She begs for us all to listen to each other to solve the issues that plague us. The group vocal chorus welcomes us all in to the fold. 

More heartfelt emotion comes through on “This Is The Time.” The ability of Teresa Storch to use her vocal inflections to paint a picture and get out her message is undeniable. Granted we are in strange times but she pushes us to believe goodness will prevail. Some nice guitar work is added here to really bring the rock n roll home.

A softer and more stripped down side is shown on “Ballad Of St. Francis.” The acoustic guitar pairs perfectly with the laid back vocals on this one. There is a real emotion that pours out of the song. “It’s Not Okay” starts off with the same minimalist vibe letting the lyrics sink in. As the drums and bass come in the sound is filled out but the feelings remain strong. More electric guitar completes the song making it an all out winner with a message.

For anyone that wants to feel something with their listening experience Open Your Heart should be at the top of your playlist. 

Find out more about Teresa Storch on her WEBSITE.

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