The Highfields – The Right Pair For Fun Energy Filled Music

The people and musicians around you can have a huge influence on the music that you create.  Whether it be the outright musical style of your co writers or just a subtle undertone of moods bubbling beneath the surface, music will come out different depending on who is in the room.  Our recent find The Highfields connected to form a cheery sound in music and life.

The Highfields

The indie power pop duo from California formed in 2011 after two totally different bands crossed paths while touring in Arizona.  Nate (former lead singer of “The Good Cheer”) and Kaelie (formerly of “Evan Brightly”) became fast friends and later much more as the two later got married and formed The Highfields.  Together they create a cheery indie power pop sound with flashes of electro and punk at times.  This is quite a different sound of their past bands as Evan Brightly had an intense dark sound and Good Cheer had a retro Beatles sound.  The new sound of The Highfields is full of energy and just creates a feel-good atmosphere.

Last summer The Highfields released their debut album A Little Color.  The 9 track record is a fun and catchy ride of positivity.  The title track opener “A Little Color” puts a smile on your face right away with its infectious whistle and a chorus that will bury itself deep in your memory.  The happiness of the group in life, as well in music is featured in “Better Together” with a relatable story told to anyone who is currently in a happy relationship.  Smiles all around.  The Highfields show off some imagination on “All My Love” with some interesting sounds populating the sonic space to create a fun and warm surrounding.  This continues with a little electro flair on “Days Like This”.  Really just a fun record from start to finish.  

You may have already heard the direction of their next album on a Payless Shoe Source Ad where The Highfields single “Let’s Go” is featured.  The punk influenced track is full of energy and will have you breaking through walls to reach your goals.  Go have a listen and buy the track on iTunes HERE.

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