Bravely Facing ‘The New Normal’ With Rick Christian

Rick Christian is one of the purest ‘alternative’ artists on the music scene today. His new album, ‘The New Normal’, is a testament to this.

Rick Christian is one of the purest ‘alternative’ artists on the music scene today. His new album, The New Normal, is a testament to his uniqueness. Each track tells a very specific story, mixing his unique alternative electronic sound with a social message.

On top of the distinctive style, Christian is also a visual artist. A number of the songs on ‘The New Normal’ feature an accompanying music video. These short films add a hypnotic, unreal quality to the tracks.

This is especially true of the tune Outside Looking In. The video features a man in what appears to be a gas mark roaming through a bizarre, surrealistic landscape. Reminiscent of early German Expressionism, the video perfectly captures the sense of otherworldliness that has come along with the pandemic.

A New Alternative Album by Rick Christian

Another track on the album, After 8pm, brilliantly melds the visual artistry of the music video with its message. After 8pm address the reality of being isolated for well over a year. This track discusses the very real struggle that comes with spending so many nights alone. The boredom, loneliness, and depression that many of us have wrestled with are fully on display here. It is a haunting tune with an equally evocative music video.

Wondering is another excellent track. In this song, Christian describes how unmoored many of us have become as a result of COVID-19. Wondering discusses how we have spent many months alone with our thoughts, and have been forced to face our personal devils as a result.

The Human Race is perhaps the most disquieting track on ‘The New Normal.’ The accompanying music video features a variety of examples of the ways in which we have failed one another as humans. It is shocking to see, yet somehow cathartic.

‘The New Normal’ is one of the most truly authentic alternative tracks available today. It is currently available to listen to and stream on all platforms. Keep up with more from Rick Christian on his FACEBOOK.

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