The Ria Reece Band – Successful Throwback To A Time OF Fantastic Music

Many bands try to bring the classic sounds that were huge years ago into their music.  Unfortunately a lot of these attempts are failed efforts to steal the magic and use it with a band’s own modern twist.  Other times bands do not try to put the modern spin on it but just throw themselves back into that classic sound.  A great example of success with the latter is The Ria Reece Band.

Ria Reece Band

The Montreal group is the epitome of old school Rhythm and Blues.  Powerfully haunting vocals with a soulful sound reckon back to a great time in music.  Front woman Ria Reece only began singing professionally in February 2011 and by September of that year The Ria Reece Band was born.  After a few shows in the local Montreal circuit the band was noticed and picked to play some of the best music festivals north of the border including Blues Viree Borealis, and the Quebec Summer Festival.  Even bigger shows are coming as everyone who sees the live performance is floored.

The Ria Reece Band’s self titled debut album was released this past summer and has been receiving steady play and high praise from the college/community radio underground.  The opener “You Can’t Save Her” is a classic bluesy song anchored by Ria’s powerful voice.  Right off the bat you know this is a throwback record that fans of the classics will enjoy.  Ria channels the energy of Etta James on two amazing covers of “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” and the wedding song staple “At Last”.  Excellent guitar technique is showed off by Andre Chevarie on “The Road”.  I challenge you not to find your toes tapping during this one.  The album closes with the fantastic version of “House Of The Rising Son”.  Ria’s vocal range on this one will leave the listener breathless and wanting more.  Go jump on the Ria Reece Band bandwagon before they take over the blues clubs in your area.  Find them at:

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