The Slow Readers Club – Music From Manchester That Can Hang With Mainstream Radio

There will always be a distinct sound from different areas of the world.  These sounds are often copied, especially between the indie rock of America and England.  American bands trying to sound English, and English bands trying to sound American.  It is good to find a band from Manchester, England that is staying true to their homeland and doing it with great music.  Please welcome The Slow Readers Club to the Indie Band Guru playlist.

The indie rock band with an electro flair has been building up quite a strong local following and has caught the attention of influential Manchester DJs and even the band Coldplay who featured The Slow Readers Club’s video for ‘Block Out The Sun’ on their website.  The SRC’s sound can be compared to bands like Editors and Interpol easily and even to American band The Killers. The songs are dark yet upbeat and catchy.  Quite a hard mix to master but I think they have found a way to do just that.

The Slow Readers Club has recently released a self-titled debut album and are now getting it out there for the masses to hear.  The record opens with the mesmerizing ‘One Chance’.  The song sucks you in with a spooky guitar line and deadpan vocals before grabbing your attention with a strong full chorus.  The track that really stuck out to me was ‘Sirens’.  The lyrics tell of a man who has realized his best days are behind him.  The chorus demands a sing along with its “Aaaa Oooo” lyric.  The song builds at the end and cuts off leaving you begging for more.  The songs are not breaking new ground but will fit well in the current music landscape.

Bottom Line: The Slow Readers Club have an excellent debut album on their hands.  The potential for great things is there and I look forward to hearing more from them and seeing them expand into more original territory.

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