The Stiltsville – Bringing The Beach To You Through Music

Musical inspiration can come from all kinds of things.  One of the best inspirations though has to be finding a special place or area that just seems to speak to you.  Whether it be the history of the spot or the view that creates the ideas this can be a phenomenal catalyst for musical ideas.  Our recent discovery The Stiltsville lives this life to perfection.

The Stiltsville

The Miami based band plays a style of Indie Beach Pop that brings out a sound and vibe of an older generation of the Biscayne Bay.  In the 1930’s the Stiltsville Generation was an ocean front party and chill spot centered around a collection of small shacks that were built on stilts to withstand the crashing waves.  The happy and folky sound is far away from the glitz and glamour of the South Beach area of Miami and that is exactly where The Stiltsville wants it to be.  This freedom in music has drawn in a strong following of listeners that want to relate to this laid back lifestyle.

Last month the group released The Stiltsville EP and has plans for a summer tour.  The 4 track record brings this beautiful beach vibe directly to your ears.  The opener “Yogi” is a peppy little number that brought bands like Spoon and Vampire Weekend to mind.  The guitar melody and background harmonies fill the tone with that happy feeling.  The song “Bonaire” is a more rocking track that speeds up your tapping toes a little with the focus on the well versed lyrics.  The record closes with “McFarlane’s Lantern”.  Another beach pop song that has influences from the fun ska punk of the late 90’s with a ukulele thrown in for good measure and to continue the beach vibe.  Go get a relaxing musical crosswind in your hair with The Stiltsville sound at:


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