‘Thirty Three Degrees’ Is Raising The Temperature

‘Thirty Three Degrees’ has one of the strongest debut rock albums in recent history, it is sure to be one of the best projects of the year.

An Exciting Debut Rock Album From Thirty Three Degrees

Thirty Three Degrees is everything you could want in a rock band. Their natural energy is intoxicating and their sound is brilliant. Their debut album, also called Thirty Three Degrees, is the perfect combination of classic and modern. 

Thirty Three Degrees understands their musical influences. However, they also know how to create a sound that is entirely their own. Recorded over the course of quarantine, their debut album is filled to their brim with guaranteed hits. In many debut rock albums, their band is clearly still trying to find their sound. Thirty Three Degrees does not suffer from this flaw. 

The band has stated that the album is separated into two sections. The first part consistents roughly of the first four or five tracks. These songs deal with the struggle of coping with the human experience. The band examines love, heartbreak, betrayal, and how to make sense of our relationships with each other. The second half of the album is focused more on the rock sound itself. 

An Exciting New Sound

There is not a weak track in this album, but there are some standouts. “Place In The Sun” is one of these. This song combines a slow, deliberate melody with incredibly personal lyrics. It is addictive to listen to. “Bleed,” the fourth track on the album has a similar lyrical honesty. The use of guitar here is breathtaking and unforgettable. “Bleed” is a true ear-worm for the summer. 

From the second half of the album, the track “Kudos” separates itself as being one of the most musically complex of the album. The marriage of drums and guitar makes it perfect for headbanging. It is sure to be a popular one when the concert scene makes a comeback. “This Time,” the second to last track, blends genres to create a kind of folk-rock sound. It exhibits the band’s musical maturity, reminiscent of Tom Petty or Matchbox Twenty. 

Thirty Three Degrees is a band to keep an eye on, you will not want to miss all the incredible things they surely have in stock.

You can listen to Thirty Three Degrees below

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