Tray Tray Shows He Is ‘Like This’

Being a part of your local scene is very important for an artist looking for success. It is not all about just gaining local fans. You need to connect with the gatekeepers and the mover and shakers in the area. This enables better shows, better promotions, and leads to meeting people that can really help your career. Our recent find Tray Tray seems to know all about this and is doing what he can to get known.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, the rapper has been making the connections for a while. Tray Tray hooked up with Fatus Fee to act as his manager. He even managed to catch the attention of Atlanta Rap legend Future. This led to several world tours with him and getting signed to his record label Freebandz.

The latest single by Tray Tray is the semi-autobiographical “Like This.” This is his first release since he was shot on the South Side of Chicago. On the song he opens up about his pain and the healing that needed to follow. The deep bass beat pushes the track forward with a steady groove. Tray Tray lets his flow spill out freely. He is a powerhouse vocalist that demands attention and he has no lack of lyrics to share. 

We will keep an eye on Tray Tray to see how he continues to evolve and share his story through music. Keep up with him on INSTAGRAM as well.

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