Thunderpussy Releases Their Epic Theme Song

Thunderpussy is high energy and in your face, and they’re giving it all they have in their new self-titled track. It comes ahead of their debut full-length album, the highly anticipated Thunderpussy. 


What better way to get things rolling than with an unapologetically bold and exciting anthem for a single?


Thunderpussy comes from Seattle, where they’ve already made a name for themselves as a solid rock band of four wild and talented women. Their music is bubbling with energy at the surface, but their level of talent and passion makes it something special.


They shot out of the gate strong with an EP, Greatest Tits, which they released just earlier this year. With a full-length album set to release just months later, the band is already taking 2018 by storm.


‘Thunderpussy’ is a Playful Explosion of a Theme Song


If you can only listen to one song to get the gist of what Thunderpussy is, their new self-titled track is the way to go.


“Every band should have a theme song, especially if your band is called Thunderpussy,” the group explained. “We knew from the moment the band got together that this was our big chance to do what we had always wanted since the first time we heard ‘Bad Company’ by Bad Company: write a self-titled track.”


In “Thunderpussy,” the band combines playful lyrics with a hard rock sound. It’s a juxtaposition that really works, creating a firey song that gains momentum throughout.


It opens with a scream and only builds from there. It reaches an explosive peak, followed by an actual crash that momentarily stops the action in its tracks.


According to the band, “that’s a television meeting pavement at high velocity.”

Thunderpussy Features Tracks From Greatest Tits EP


Though the self-titled track functions as the leading single off Thunderpussy, you can check out four other songs off the record before it drops on May 25 through the band’s EP, Greatest Tits.


One of the highlights is “Speed Queen,” a song that digs deep to the roots of their rock sound. Lead singer Molly Sides’ vocals are strong, finding comfort in lower ranges and wailing in higher moments.


Speed is the name of the game, as the guitar and drums kick into high gear and race to an epic finish.

With an EP under their belts already, plus a full record and a tour coming soon, Thunderpussy is ready to rock your world. Their self-titled album is due out May 25.


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