Tim James and The Very Special Guests debut is very special indeed.

Our connection to music is special. How that connection changes over time, our journey. Edmonton Canada resident, Tim James is a great example. A veteran multi-instrumentalist / studio producer. Taking the reins as band leader felt natural. Tim James tapped his fellow musicians for assistance in the studio. Those who assisted were dubbed “The Very Special Guests”. Without further ado… Tim James and The Very Special Guest debut, The Special Guests LP. 

A rotating cast of musicians perform the music. The vocalist is the exception. He sings with a lot of experience. Every song is balanced. Emotion, delivery, penmanship are woven together like warm quilt. On “Clumsy” Von Bieker (vocals) especially shines. His vocals take up a lot of room in a good way. I’m not sure what’s happening in the music video. While rejection, turmoil and confusion are displayed on screen. Von’s comforting vocal tone offers a sense of hope. Hope is a powerful thing. 

Another great song is “House Full Of Brothers”. Unlike “Clumsy”, this video is lighthearted and fun. A Dj wolfman comes on screen. He complains about copyright prices, plays Tim James music and begins to dance. More dancers arrive and the party lets loose. The drums / percussion drives the track. I love how the bass drum is introduced. Those bass drum notes make me want to clap along. There’s a backyard shindig vibe to this song. Evoking memories filled with smiles and laughter. 

We touched on the warm comforting feeling derived from Von’s vocals. The same can be said about Tim’s guitar work / songwriting. There’s a theme to the album and Tim lays into it. Throughout our listen, said warmth existed. Every note resonates. The music is inviting and easy to connect to. Tap in. 

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