TOM GILBERTS Opens Up His ‘Flow State’

Guitarist and singer Tom Gilberts and his mighty trio groove hard and get contemplative on their new single “Flow State.” 

Released January 27th, 2023, “Flow State” is a cracking, mid-tempo blues/rock track that’s all about feel and space. Gilberts is one of those players gifted with a magic touch and the ability to write tight, smart songs that will make you jam and think at the same time. His vocals are cool and emphatic, achieving a chilled-out rock vibe here that’s understated and highly listenable. 

Listen to ‘Flow State’ by Tom Gilberts here:

As a guitar player, it’s clear from this track that Gilberts is more concerned with time, texture, and tone rather than blowing our minds with a million flailing notes. This makes him instantly more attractive than most of his peers. His riffs are lowdown and tasty and his lead licks are well-phrased, memorable, and in the vein of monster players like Warren Haynes and Billy Gibbons. His rhythm section supports him perfectly, shadowing his every shift and move. 

“Flow State” is, as its title implies, an examination of the phenomenon of peak experiences, often called flow states. Tom does a fine job of delivering his non-cheesy lyrics that attempt to get to the bottom of that feeling of being “in the zone” and hitting your personal target in an effortless way. Those moments are tough to describe but we all know when we’re having one. Gilberts and his band sound like they may well be feeling the flow on this cut, themselves, and turn in a high-value performance. 

In addition to being a guitar slinger, Gilberts is a board-certified physician, a profession that has allowed him to make music his way without commercial pressure. That sense of purity is obvious on “Flow State.” TG comes across as a deeply-soulful artist, not a salesman, and his whole approach is refreshing. Blues/rock fans in the market for something fresh need to give Gilberts a spin.

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