Tommy Rebel Pushes Through A ‘Torn Heart’

Rock ’n roll is more than just a style of music, it is a lifestyle. Life will often be difficult but a true rock ‘n roller finds a way to push through and make an adventure out of the journey. Our recent discovery Tommy Rebel and his band The Righteous are the epitome of survival in the face of adversity due to rock ‘n roll.

Based in Austin, Texas, Tommy Rebel is known as a lead guitarist, singer-songwriter, poet-philosopher, and shaman. Music has been a long and winding road for him. Immersed in music at a young age, the passion for music never wavered and only gave Tommy the perseverance to fight his way through a wide array of issues. These ambitious experiences became the basis for the rock ‘n roll lifestyle that is Tommy Rebel.

Rock music has been a constant outlet and lifesaver for Tommy Rebel. He remained a staple of the scene through the ‘80s and 90s opening for rock stars such as Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. After some time away, music came calling again and the power rock ’n’ roll trio Tommy Rebel and the Righteous was born. Their energetic and original sound comes from decades of the lifestyle and a socially conscious message.

Tommy Rebel and the Righteous Are Rock ‘n Roll

The latest single from Tommy Rebel and the Righteous is “Torn Heart”. It is a raw rock anthem that shares the classic rock vibes with a modern social statement. The storytelling style engages the listener drawing them into the drama. “Torn Heart” makes a serious statement about what desperate people will do to take care of their family during desperate times. It tells a tragic story of how lack of access to basic healthcare services turns a difficult situation into a fatal one. The chugging guitars, pounding beat, and emotive vocals drive the track forward. This is rock ‘n roll at its best.

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