Trish Discord Is Finding Peace In The ‘Strife’

‘Strife’ is the latest political anthem from indie rocker Trish Discord. It knows exactly what it wants to say and how it wants to say it.

New Single Coming from Trish Discord on May 21st

 Music has always been the perfect medium for sharing political and social believes across boundaries. It is perhaps the most accessible art form that has proven itself invaluable in every age. This is especially true now, when societal divisions have come to the forefront of our everyday lives in an acute way.

Music is more important than ever. Trish Discord is an artist who understands this. She uses her style to comment on the current political situation with ease and grace. Not only does her new single “Strife” deliver a message, it knows exactly what it has to say and says it to an exciting melody.

Presave the single “Strife” HERE.

Discord’s sound is entirely her own, with the unique mix of electronica, alternative rock, and indie. Fans of artists like Florence + the Machine and Halsey are likely to find something comparable in “Strife.” The track could not be timelier. It was influenced by the artist’s own time in England during the Brexit vote and by her returning to the United States following Trump’s election.

A New Political Anthem

Being in both environments that were, and are, dominated by such intense conflict is reflected in the electronic sound. It adds a raw power to the sound. This strength is matched by the smoothness of the alternative rock. “Strife” sounds brilliant, and Discord is able to lay out her ideas in a sophisticated, thought-provoking manner.

Yet, the track is not exceptionally difficult to listen to. This may have been accomplished by the sense of hope that the artist is inexplicably able to provide. Despite all of the issues that Discord brings forth in her tune, she is also able to assure us that there is hope for our future. However, she reminds us that making a better tomorrow is up to us.

“Strife” has the potential to be the next anthem of our generation, and you will not want to miss out on it. “Strife,” by Trish Discord, is currently available to listen to and stream.

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