Ultra Eko Bares All in ‘Kitchen Sink Dramas’

Music that is able to connect with the listener and provide a memorable story will always stick with people longer. A quick bubble gum chorus will be catchy for a while but will fade quickly if there is no substance to the songwriting. Our recent find Ultra_eko makes it a point to be a storyteller in his songs. They are dark, deep, and memorable.

The independent hip-hop artist is based out of South London and isn’t afraid to put his life and surroundings into his music. The Ultra_eko sound does not aim to fit into any specific genre box though. He puts his unique voice and accent into every flow. Quite a life has been lived. Ultra_eko has spent time as a pro gambler, market trader, and bootlegger among other inspirational experiences that shaped his life journey. These eclectic encounters are relayed into his songs with ease.

Today, March 27th, Ultra_eko released his debut EP Kitchen Sink Dramas. The 6-track album is chock full of deep and dark stories that draw the listener’s attention, demanding repeat listening. The opener “The Seventh Day” opens up the record with an industrial beat and spoken word piece not really preparing us for what is on the way. Once Ultra_eko starts his rapid fire flow we learn we are in for a full journey into his psyche. The mellow hook gives us the break to breathe that we need.

For a real look at the lyrical skills of Ultra_eko we dive into “King Of The Wild Things”. The smooth beat (along with some pretty piano trills) crawls along letting the focus be on the vocal. The ‘monsters’ of the song seem to have had a personal effect on the artist. The ode to one of my favorite books as a child Where The Wild Things Are made this one hit me right in the feels. “Soul’s Code” continues this lid back musical tone with an emotion fueled lyrical delivery that brings us all right into the world of Ultra_eko.

Ultra Eko Opens His Emotions Through Music

As we get to the closer “Twisted” we are treated to even more impressive flow with a dark yet potentially uplifting light at the end of the tunnel. The bass guitar sounds are a welcome addition along with the almost romantic vibe of the chorus. Ultra_eko has opened the door for a look deep into his world. We are here now and want to offer all the help we can to the undisguised artist

Rumor is that a full-length album is planned for an Autumn release. Keep up with the progress of Ultra_eko on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

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