Underlined Passages Prove The Power Of Music

Music will always be an extension of life for me. I am pretty sure I am not alone in that. Music is made to help get us through struggles as well as help celebrate our successes. Both the creator and listener use the music in different ways but the results are often the same. Our recent discovery of UNDERLINED PASSAGES has strengthened my belief in the power and fate of music.

The musical duo out of Baltimore, Maryland consists of guitarist/vocalist Michael Nestor and percussionist Jamaal Turner. Together as Underlined Passages, they produce an indie rock sound full of intense emotions, sonic fullness, and lush harmonies.

Michael has been a force in the independent scene for quite a while. Starting as the main songwriter for Pupa’s Window in 1994, and later fronting the acclaimed band The Seldon Plan from 2002-2011. During most of that time, he also ran Beechfields Record Label for a behind the scenes look at how the music business truly works. Knowledge and experience are power.

Although Underlined Passages was formed in 2014 and signed to Mint 400 Records shortly thereafter, it wasn’t until late 2015 that Jamaal Turner came into the picture as a recording drummer. A quick bond formed and the perfect musical duo was set in place for Underlined Passages.

Musical Fate Was There For Underlined Passages

On September 15th, Underlined Passages released their latest record Tandi My Dicafi to the world through Mint 400 Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Frank Marchand of indie underground fame (The Thermals, Bob Mould). Simultaneously heavy and ethereal, the eight tracks on the record ebb and flow from softened layers of melody to frenetic shreds of distortion to catchy, twangy pop with emotions pouring through the speakers with each note.



The lead single “Silverlake” is an energetic tune that speeds up the pulse of any listener. The straight and powerful drums set the tone as the elegant guitar melody fills the sonic landscape. The vocals with Nestor’s passionate delivery, pull you in even deeper to become one with the solid song. This is music to truly sit back and enjoy.

Keep up with Underlined Passages on their WEBSITE and hear more music on their BANDCAMP page.

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