United Power Soul Are Here To Make The World A Funky Place

There is a true magic in music. It can break all borders and languages to create a feeling of togetherness that nothing else is able to do. Our recent discovery United Power Soul has found a way to harness this power and create a sound that spreads this peaceful message to all that take a listen.


The four-piece band hails from the bursting music scene in Toronto, Canada. Core band members Jordin Mimran, Elliott Fienberg, Brandon Pike, Kennedy Lui & Ryan MacKellar turned to their instruments in this chaotic time on our planet to create a soulful sound that breathes a message of peace to the World. The specific genre of United Power Soul’s music is a tough one to pin down. They combine funk, soul, and hip-hop to create a sound that is all their own. And is catching on as the band has hit the streets of Toronto hard grabbing a slew of new fans with each performance.


On January 31st, United Power Soul will release their new album Moving Fast 4 U. The 8 track record will also be available on cassette for listeners looking to get that full retro experience.


The album opens with the title track “Moving Fast 4 U” and its sultry vibe. The lyrics combine with a groove that is almost intoxicating. The track prepares your body and mind for what is to come. “Strawberry Ice Cream” turns the table with a more electro-style beat and a hip-hop vocal attack in the verse. The chorus ties it together with more sultry sounds. This beat will get your head bopping.


The drums are the feature from the start on “Praying Won’t Bring The Rain” with an interesting attack that gets your ass moving in all sorts of ways. There is a vibe in the air that just takes over when United Power Soul is pumping through the speakers.


Enjoy the ride with United Power Soul


We slow down a little bit with “Peace Sign.” There is a definite reggae influence here as the happy vibe returns. There is such a positivity in their music for everyone to enjoy. As they say “Put up the peace sign, and stop the hating.”


The closer “100 percent” ties all the elements of the record together. The elegant piano blends with sexy lyrics and background vocals. The energy picks up in the chorus as horns and keyboard blasts turn it up. This is a complete journey through your mind giving it all it can take.


The album is available on iTunes and SPOTIFY now.

If you can get to Toronto United Power Soul will be bringing it live on January 31st at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.


Keep up with the band, more music, and show dates on their WEBSITE and social media


Twitter: @unitedpowersoul

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