Unnilhexium – Electronic Sonic Experience From Poland

It was a tiring day and now all we have been hearing about is this “perfect storm” heading on its way to NYC.  I needed some music to wake me up and get me moving without having to really focus on lyrics or meaning.  The cure for that is usually in the electronica genre, especially European music.  After some searching I came across Unnilhexium.

The description was intriguing.  “Take a part in a mysterious journey throughout the universe.  The cosmic aura, combined with the exploration of the mystic timeline”  How could you not want to give that a listen?  The album is called Cosmic Retrospections.  It is only 6 songs but is a full 40 minutes of sound.  The album is quite the sonic experience.  It is full on computer electronica but there are other influences here, even the polish polka influenced beginning of ‘Retrospection II’.  The spaciness of each track puts the listener in a world of his own.  Sometimes spooky, sometimes dancey, sometimes atmospheric, often strange.  There is a little bit for everyone here.

Give it a listen at:

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