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Vivienne the Witch Gets Magical with ’90s Sound

I must say that there are not too many instances that I can remember the name of a band really capturing my attention. Song titles, yes. Lyrics, yes. Band names, not so much. That just seems to be an aspect that, although it is quite important, I tend to overlook a bit.

Vivienne the Witch, however, is definitely a band name that caught my attention. It could be that I have spent quite a bit of time in crystal shops the past month or so, or it could be that I hardly ever see the name Vivienne, but I was very intrigued after seeing the name.

Then, after visiting their Tumblr page, I was even more intrigued. This female trio is comprised of drummer Caterina Fuso, bassist/vocalist Greta Fuso, and guitarist/vocalist Lucrezia Peppicelli. This Italian group formed together as teenagers as Twister and, after growing and evolving together over the years, became Vivienne the Witch.

Vivienne the Witch Release Haunting, Rebellious Single

Their latest single, “Dreams and Pain,” also comes paired with an interesting music video.

The track itself starts off as a nice drum and guitar number that spills gracefully into the vocals. They sound quite intense and filled with angst, but also give off a very ’90s punk band vibe that is quite enjoyable. The video is set in a dimly lit room with intense red and green lights illuminating the trio as they perform the song.

There’s a steady repetition within the track, but never dull at any moment. I get the feeling that there’s a mix of The Cranberries and Alanis Morissette, and it’s a very nice combination.

This track is perfect for those of us that want to feel angsty because we haven’t experienced much rebellion in our lives. (Just me? Oh…Okay.) Also, there is never a reason needed for an artist/group to channel the ’90s grunge/alternative scene, and Vivienne the Witch pulls it off excellently, completely embodying that ethos.

Check out Vivienne the Witch — their latest album, Shadowbox, is out now.

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