Working Memory Is Out There ‘Searching’

There will always be a unique connection between the musical family you have built up in your playing and performing career. But if your biological family is also full of musicians, that connection will stay strong even if much time has passed. A great example is one of our new favorite groups Working Memory.

The new project is made up of brothers Casey Chanatry and Ryan Chanatry. As children they both experimented with a wide array of musical instruments including the trumpet, recorder, violin, bodhrán, and keys. In the end they chose more traditional rock band instruments of guitar (Casey) and drums (Ryan). 

Through the years both brothers found musical success. Experiences playing in epic supergroups and touring the US for a decade only grew their musical talents and styles. Now the brother duo has finally decided to join forces in their new project Working Memory. Together they create an unusual psychedelic inspired indie pop and jam combination. 

To introduce Working Memory to the world the duo has released their debut EP Searching. The 4 track record takes on  loss, growth, depression, and hope in their unique and easy going sound. 

Opening the album with “Witness” sets the stage with innovative guitar tones and sounds painting a full sonic tapestry for us to get enamored within. The cozy and smooth sound will ease the mind to accept the emotions that Working Memory is prepared to share.

“Hold On” To Working Memory

“Hold On” starts off with an atmospheric slow grind giving us time to let our heads try to catch up. The mellow beats are anything but straightforward but delivered in a truly welcoming way. This continues on “There’s Light” with Casey’s guitar leading the way with eclectic energy. Some enticing background vocals beg the listener to join into this energy. All are welcome.

The EP closes with the title track “Searching.” Perhaps the most experimental track, sounds seem to come from every angle to soothe our souls. There is nothing predictable as the jam band roots are on full display but in such a mellow way that everyone can enjoy. 

Working Memory is on to something here that can reach all true lovers of soul moving music. Keep up with their journey from the beginning on the new Working Memory Instagram page HERE.

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