Wrath brings The Power with ‘Red Dragon’

A true artist is always trying to find their own unique sound. With the plethora of genres and styles out there, it is possible to combine different pieces of each to create something new. Our recent discovery Wrath has done just that with his new record Red Dragon.

Originally from Forth Worth, Texas solo producer Nick Giardino has been making music for almost a decade now. His passion for making something completely unique took plenty of time and energy but he seems to have found it with his Wrath project. The genre has come to be known as Cybergrind. It combines the power of Metal and Thrash but turns it up to the next level with the use of computers creating drum and grind energy that is next to impossible by a human on an instrument. Speed and power and experiments combined.

The Red Dragon album was officially released on November 19th, 2022 to introduce Wrath to the world. A release day listening party also happened in his current city of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. The birth of Wrath is here. 

As the album opens with “Of The Gods” we get introduced to the metal guitar riffs punctuated by a heavy electronic drum sound that questions reality. As the Skrillex influenced electro sounds start to come in from all angles, you know you are in for something new and completely different. The power and speed of “Earthquake” grabs you right by the throat with no plans of letting go. The winding ride is an assault that the listener is now ready to experience. 

Feel the burn of ‘Red Dragon’ by Wrath

We dive deep into dubstep with “Fire Style.” The thrash metal guitars are tossed aside for a wobbly EDM feel as computer sounds take the lead. Exotic beats keep the track pushing forward without letting the listener know where we are going next. The title track “Red Dragon” is a great example of what Wrath is all about. Technique and power come together for an energy that will get your heart pumping a little faster. As it builds you will find this energy growing inside of you begging to explode.

As we reach the fittingly titled album finale “Eternatus” it all comes together. Sounds come from all angles to fill the sonic spectrum. A dark vibe runs through this one with a minor key piano melody splashed in. Wrath throws everything into this one to leave the listener wanting more.

This seems to only be the beginning for Wrath. We are excited to see what develops from here. Keep up with everything Wrath HERE.

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