Yopper Dan Opens Up His ‘Chromehearts’

As we develop as artists it is only natural for us to find our own unique style. This comes from our own musical experiences. Everything we hear has a chance of influencing what we go on to create. Our recent discovery Yopper Dan seems to go in whichever direction feels right at the time.

The Montreal, Canada based musician came up in a hip hop background soaking in the genre and all its nuances. At only 22 years old Yopper Dan also spent a lot of his time absorbing all types of other musical styles. This seeped into his own growth and a new style that is all his own was born. Genre lines are blurred as heavy influence of the punk and indie scene shows up. Not just in the music but in the freedom to create whatever feels right without the boundaries of any specific genre.

The most recent track by Yopper Dan is “Chromehearts.” For this one he brought in Fredleg to expand his reach even more. There is a raw rock underground vibe that takes the song to the streets in a different way. The sounds blend together in a distorted and dark way. As the lyrics hit, the power hits just as hard. There is something real here that allows the listener to relate and absorb what is coming out of the speakers even as it remains in its own lane. 

Keep a look out for where Yopper Dan will take us next. Follow his INSTAGRAM for the first look. 

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