Yukon Era Releases Introspective New Music Video

Straight out of Auckland, New Zealand comes post punk quartet Yukon Era.


Formed in 2015, Yukon Era is comprised of  Christian Dimick, Lachie Thurlow, Pierre Beasley, and James Dimick. Aftering completing a 15 date tour through New Zealand and Australia, the outfit sold out 4 of their New Zealand dates.


The group has also gained attention from several news outlets and have toured alongside of bands such as The Cult, The Reubens, Mac Demarco, Viet Cong, and Mini Mansions.


After releasing two EPs and two singles throughout the last 3 years, “Tongue” reached number 3 on the New Zealand Alternative charts. Latest single “Feel” has reached early popularity and is accompanied by a new music video directed by the up and coming artistic geniuses Taylor Mansfield and Jake Munro.


Yukon Era is strongly rooted in old fashioned rock and branches effortlessly into modern alternative


“Feel” blends a post grunge vocal overtone with a punk instrumental backdrop seamlessly. Beginning with early 2000s angst, this track evolves into what becomes of bottled up emotions — an overflow of trapped, intense feelings. With sharp vocals and steady instrumentals, this track blends the steadfast vintage rock with the ever evolving modern alternative scene.

The music video for “Feel” stands alone as a work of art. With flashes of old time television scenes and scenes of people’s attention captured by a tv screen, this video delves deep into the human psyche. A visual representation of the overwhelming influx of emotions and the desire to feel none of them takes the viewer through the day and mind of this burden. The cinematography in this video triggers a part of the brain that takes you on a journey through an almost drug induced insanity, the kind of insanity that can only be shown through strong camera work and editing skills. This video sparks the kind of emotion that can only be displayed through a mind altering kind of experience and displays a true sense of craftsmanship both from the band and the directors.


Yukon Era may be young but they are old souls and talented musicians. They have that little spark of reality that connects with listeners in all the right ways. Those searching for a voice will find it in the music of this young band.

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