Zachary sid – Talent Abounds For This Ambient Electronica Artist

Some people in this world are just made to create art for the rest of us.  Artistic skills can be learned and helped but there must be some kind of ingrained talent given to certain individuals at birth to place them on the path of their artistic journey.  The truly gifted of these individuals have the talent in more than just one artistic medium as well.  A great example is our newest discovery Zachary sid.

Zachary sid

From the beautiful San Jose area of California, Zachary sid is the music project of photographer, poet and model River Woods.  The talent abounds in this imaginative individual as he shares his mind with the rest of us in multiple genres.  Our focus is the music so we will feature the work of his Zachary sid personality.  The music is primarily ambient and texture driven electronica that will add an interesting background to your own sometimes boring life.  Zachary sid uses custom loops as well as samples as an escape from the use of MIDI and other such sequencers.  The sound is an exotic and sometimes eerie one.

A while back he released the Zachary sid EP.  It is a four song collection of sound that makes for some entertaining listening.  The opener “Destination” puts together an assortment of beats and noises to craft a soundscape that seems to go in multiple directions at once.  This will take your mind on a journey.  “The Sun Rising Backwards” opens with an almost rock sounding beat that morphs into an exotic world of electronic sound that will continue the journey deep inside your own mind.  Be careful not to dive too deep until you are ready.  Last month Zachary sid released the single “Devils”.  This song continues along where the Zachary sid EP left off adding even more beautiful cacophony to the soundscape.  This is not made for casual listening but perfect for a time when you need to be alone and reflect on things in life.

Prepare yourself and enter the world of Zachary sid at your own caution at:

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